Monday, March 28, 2011

Take Pride?

Gone are the days when the sky would be filled with these beautiful scavengers circling gracefully.
watching them glide so effortlessly, we humans might have got the inspiration to create Gliders.
What are we talking about?
VULTURES of course.

A single drug "Diclofenac" has been linked to the conspicuous disappearance of many of the vulture species in India, along with the fact that they lay only one egg.
Most of them are either "Endangered" or "Critically Endangered" as per The IUCN Redlist.
They have served mankind by taking care of carrion so efficiently that we didnot even notice it.
What a Reward we have given them for their service.
(what happens to vultures also happens to us, when we take the drug for extended periods.)

Can't we Ban a single Drug from veterinary use, knowing that it has been "proven" deadly for all the vulture species?

Can't we stop Building a Rope-way in a place where pilgrims have walked on foot for time immemorial, and insist on doing so even now?

With all the money earned in the bargain will we be able to create another planet to escape to when Earth becomes Inhospitable to live in?

Even if we do will we be able to manage it any better than we are doing so right now?

Its time to realise that conservation of our Forests and wildlife is not only important for the future of the Vulture, Or the Tiger (pride of India) Or the Lion (pride of Gujarat),  but for the future of Humans on the planet.

If the policy makers and industrialists think that they can earn their billions and than spend it to secure the future for their Future Generations, That would be the stupidest (i.e. The most intelligent) Idea that man would ever have had.

Can we take pride in what we have done to the planet?
Its anybody's guess.

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