Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blue tailed bee-eater with prey

Blue tailed bee-eater with prey

It was an amazing sight watching these blue tailed bee-eaters catch insects in flight, to offer it to the females as part of their courtship.
photographing them was a challange, climbing on the sandy hillock nearby helped to get the eye level perspective.
Canon 7D with canon 400mmf5.6L lens ISO 800 aperture priority, 1/3200 @ f7.1

Monday, May 13, 2013

Desert fox vs Imperial Eagle

Had an amazing trip to Taal Chhappar (Nov'12), with Kunan, Mital and Arpit.
this was the highlight of the trip, in very low light we watched as this drama unfolded before our eyes as we were returning back.
This fox was also attacked by a harrier, It might have been out looking for harriers that might have settled down to roost.
Thanks to Kunan, Mital and Arpit for great company and Sharad Shridhar and Pooniaji for making our trip full of memorable experiances

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