Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camouflage in Nature

Most of the species including mammals,reptiles,birds,insects,etc.
have evolved to evade their predators by blending into their surroundings.
The color of Eggs and chicks also help them to blend into their surroundings
in order to win the race of survival in the wild.
Cryptic coloration is the most common form of camouflage.
At times colorful birds can also become invisible in the right environment.
Hope you like the following images showing some of the species that use camouflage
to evade their predators
Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata) camouflage
Sykes's Nightjar or the Sindh Nightjar (Caprimulgus mahrattensis)
Eagle Owl

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon (Treron phoenicoptera)
Eurasian Stone-curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus)

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